Contracting & Developer Services

We offer contracting services for longer engagements. We're happy to talk about engineering, project management, account handling and process engineering opportunities.

Please note that we do not work through third party recruiters.

If that sounds useful to you, take a look at Matt's profile and CV on the about page. There's a lot of detail there, but broadly speaking we're most comfortable and familar with Javascript and Ruby based technology stacks, but have professional experience to a greater or lesser degree with C#/.NET, Java, Python and PHP.

We can fit right into an existing team, but we excel when we find roles that also allow us to level up those around us. Bringing our knowledge and experience to bear, we offer mentoring and training for junior developers, technical and efficiency improvments, workflow improvements, integration and deployment solutions and much more.

Hiring High Cairn means your whole team gets a boost.