About Us

High Cairn is a small software company based in Yorkshire which offers consultancy, training, project delivery and contracting services. It's run by Matt Fisher, who is its sole full time employee. For certain projects we'll build a bigger team by reaching out to some trusted colleagues, but if you get in contact with us it will be Matt you'll speak to.

Matt feels a little weird writing about himself in the third person everywhere - as such, he'll introduce himself properly below.

Matt Fisher

Hi, I'm Matt.

I've been developing, managing and delivering software professionally for almost fifteen years now - and I'm still absolutely in love with the profession and the industry.

I believe the technology in our lives has the potential to bring about truly transformational benefits. I get excited about every engagement that allows me to bring those benefits to my clients - it is incredibly rewarding to look back and see software I've written, managed and delivered in use. It doesn't matter whether that project saves an hour of a customer service team's time every day, or whether it's a public facing site that reaches tens of thousands of people. It can be an ambitious project to develop a property investment platform, or it can be small tweaks to a development pipeline that makes a production team's life easier.

The end result is always the same - that I've used a well practiced set of skills to make the world just a little bit of a better place. I'm very lucky that I have a job that allows me to do that again and again, and that I get to meet some incredibly interesting people along the way.

I've been privileged to have a very varied career. Most of my time has been spent in development, but over the past five years I've taken on many additional responsbilities and roles. These roles have been very valuable in developing an extended set of skills. I've had the opportunity to lead teams, hire dozens of developers, manage and hire project managers, mentor and train junior staff, manage projects and client relationships, and to manage a significant chunk of the operations of a growing development agency sixty people strong.

Wearing so many hats has given me a unique and powerful set of skills that lets me operate at many different levels within a given environment. I can set technical considerations alongside business requirements and deliver solutions that combine the best of both worlds.

And I absolutely love doing so.

Curriculum Vitae

My resume is available for download below. I've waded through far too many overly wordy CVs when I've been hiring people myself, so I've made an effort to keep it concise. I have a few versions tailored towards different roles I can send over, so if you want to talk or ask questions, give me a shout!