We offer a range of consultancy packages to suit your needs. From technical recruitment to operational reviews, we're here to help.

While the packages offered below reflect some possible approaches, each engagement is tailored specifically to you. We'll work with you to define a package of measures that provides great value transformation for your teams.

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Technical Recruitment Transformation

Today's talent market is tight; hiring the best engineers has to be a priority for your business as it grows. Do it wrong and you'll find yourself spending time and money you don't have - and still fail to find the people you need.

We'll review your whole recruitment process, help refine and document your recruitment funnel and ensure you're getting the most out of your ATS. We'll introduce specific techniques for filtering your candidates efficiently, and provide interviewer training for your existing staff.

Each engagement is tailored specifically to your needs, but results may include the following:

Agile Product Design: Brainstorm to Backlog

If you've ever been responsible for product or project delivery, you know just how hard it is to deliver a working solution that solves your stakeholders' problems. The Agile Manifesto tells us to value working software and customer collaboration, but it's difficult to translate that into real-world practice.

This package introduces a set of techniques and process into your organization to help you solve problems for customers more effectively. We'll review your current process, from requirements gathering to project task creation; we'll design exercises and procedures for getting the most out of stakeholders; and we'll provide training and workshops for your staff.

Every organization has different needs, but we might cover some of the following areas together:

Digital Delivery and DevOps Upgrade

Manging the operational and technical delivery of software is a challenge in our fast moving environment. To stay competitive, you need to keep your delivery cycle lean, efficient, and focused.

With this package, we develop your process and introduce a framework to allow you to drive continuous improvement. We will clarify your goals, show how they are mapped to your software delivery lifecycle, and use the resulting direction to derive high quality KPIs and obtain faster feedback cycles.

We'll continue to apply the same structure across your technical infrastructure, and develop recommendations and implementations for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery through DevOps principles. We'll review deployment and instrumentation capabilities and help create tooling that will reduce friction and empower your knowledge workers.

Solutions we develop with you may cover the following areas:

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